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Creating video previews for my Cleopatra EP

My new Cleopatra EP

I just released a new EP, which contains a 27 minutes rock opera song on Cleopatra, split in 9 parts for easier listening. I wanted to try and create video previews for the different tracks to share on Instagram, so this is how I did it using the MLT Multimedia Framework.

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Presenting slides with a Raspberry Pi Zero W

My portable presenter device

At a previous edition of FOSDEM, I remember chatting with Saúl about how tiresome bringing your laptop just for presentations was, which is why he had shown up just with a much smaller tablet for the job. This year I started thinking if I could get to an even smaller device, and this is how I challenged myself a bit.

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New Blog

I know what you’re thinking… not another blog! Bear with me for a minute, though…

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