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New Blog

I know what you’re thinking… not another blog! Bear with me for a minute, though…

I like sharing information on what I’m doing and how. For all work related stuff, I contribute posts (more or less) regularly to the Meetecho blog, where I often spend a lot of time writing long digressions on WebRTC related activities. When I created KIAVC, my open source point and click adventure game engine, I created a blog for that too, where I shared many very long devblog posts, sharing a ton of information on my choices and my progress (officially for others, unofficiall for myself; I tend to forget stuff! :grin: ).

I noticed, though, that I didn’t have any place where I could share other, more generic stuff that I work on in my free time. Sure, I can say something on social networks, and I often do (e.g., on my Mastodon account), but I can’t really go beyond a very superficial overview there. What if I wanted to go deeper, and share some details on music related experiments? Or on how I used a Pi zero as a presentation device at FOSDEM? Or how I’d like to use a MIDI pedalboard to control applications on my laptop? Or how I’d like to use WebRTC to stream myself in concert? Or whatever else I may want to talk about?

This is basically what this new, very barebones, blog is all about. It also gave me the opportunity to tinker a bit with Jekyll, which I had never done: considering I wanted to host this blog on the tiny server I have, I really didn’t want to use Wordpress for the purpose (too resource/storage hungry), and Jekyll, with its ability to render everything to a static site, looked like exactly what I needed!

So that’s it: intro blog post done! Expect a new, more meaningful, blog post in the next few days.